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Configuring Music on Hold

You can enable or disable the music on hold (MoH) feature using configuration files. Music on hold enables music to play when users place a call on hold. If you place multiple calls on hold, only the first call placed on hold hears the music. By default MoH is enabled on the phone when registered with Skype for Business. When MoH is enabled, you can turn on or off the music the phone plays when an active call is placed on hold.

You specify on the provisioning server which file the phone plays when you place an active call on hold. The phone downloads the file you place on the server and stores the file on its internal flash drive.

The default MoH file size is 540 KB and the maximum file size is 600 KB. You can use the parameter res.quotas.tone to increase the maximum MoH file size to 1024 KB. The phone supports the following .wav audio file formats:

mono G.711 (8 bits/sample, 8-khz sample rate)

mono L16/16000 (16 bits/sample, 16-kHz sample rate)

mono L16/48000 (16 bits/sample, 48-kHz sample rate)

Upload a Music File

You can upload a music file to the phone using the phone's Web Configuration Utility.

To upload a music file:

1Enter the IP address of the phone to a web browser.

2Log into the Web Configuration Utility as Administrator.

3Go to Preferences > Additional Preferences > Music On Hold.

4Select MOH Status Enable and Save.

5Select Add and select a file from your computer or enter a URL.

6Click Save.

Configuring Music on Hold

The following table lists parameters that configure MoH.

Music on Hold Parameters
Permitted Values
Music on hold enables VVX phone users to stream music when they place a caller on hold.
0 (default) - Music on hold is disabled.
1 - Music on hold is enabled and you must specify a music file in feature.moh.filename.
Specify the file the music file you want the phone to play when users place an active call on hold.
NULL (default)
String, maximum of 256 characters
Specify the payload for RTP packets when music on hold is playing. For best phone performance, set to 80. In PSTN calls using a media gateway that does not support a payload value of 80, set to 20.
80 (default)
20, 40, 60, 80
Set the maximum sample tone file size.
1024 KB
600 - 1024 KB

Music on Hold Error Messages

If a music file fails to play, one of the following messages display on the phone screen.

MoH Error Messages
Failure Scenario
Error Message
Phone fails to download the MoH file because the current file was active
'Download failed'
'Current MoH is Active'
MoH file download failed
'Download Failed'
MoH file size is zero
'Download Failed'
MoH file size exceeds the maximum size of 500KB
'File size exceeded 500KB'
An incorrect .wav file format is specified
'Unsupported .wav file format'
A network failure occurs while the phone downloads the MoH file
'Download failed'
'Network is down'

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