Polycom VoxBox Accessibility Features

Polycom VoxBox includes accessibility features that enable users with visual and hearing impairments to perform functions using the speakerphone.

The following table includes the accessibility features available on the VoxBox speakerphone.

Table 1. Polycom VoxBox Accessibility Features
Accessibility FeatureDescription

Built-in speakerphone

A built-in speakerphone enables you to clearly hear audio on the device.

Tactile Power button

The Power button has a bump to help users discern the Power button from the Bluetooth button.

Adjustable Call Volume

While in a call, you can raise or lower the volume of the audio from the far end and of any other sounds on the device.

Visual notifications

Status and icon indicators let you know when calls are incoming, outgoing, active, or held. Indicators can also indicate the device's status and if features are enabled.

Illuminated feature keys

Many feature keys are illuminated when activated so you're alerted when a feature is enabled.