Using BToE to Manage Calls on Your Phone and Skype for Business Client

After your VVX phone is paired with your computer, you can manage audio and video calls with your Skype for Business contacts on your phone and in the Skype for Business client on your computer.

Using any registered VVX phone as your primary audio device, you can place and answer audio and video calls, hold and resume audio calls, and pause and resume video calls on your VVX phone. You can use BToE with any VVX phone for all Skype for Business calls even if you are not signed in to your Skype for Business account on the phone. When you connect a VVX phone that is registered to another user to your computer, the phone acts as a speakerphone for all audio and video calls initiated in the Skype for Business client on your computer.

You can only have a video call between you and one other person when BToE is enabled. Calls with three or more people are audio-only.

Note: If you want to route audio from media that uses the computer's speakers, such as web videos or media players, you must manually change the computer's default audio speaker device to use Polycom VVX Phone.