Manually Pair Your Phone with Your Computer using BToE

You can use a pairing code generated by your phone to manually pair your computer with any Skype for Business-enabled VVX phone on your network.

When you set your phone to manually pair with your computer, which is connected to a wired or wireless network, your phone generates a pairing code that you must enter into the Polycom BToE Connector application. You do not need to connect your phone to your computer with an Ethernet cable when using Manual Pairing.

Note: You must have the Polycom BToE Connector application, version 3.7.0 or later, to use manual pairing.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • On your phone's Home screen, select BToE.
    • On your phone, navigate to Settings > Features > BToE PC Pairing.
    • On your phone, select Sign In or navigate to Settings > Features > Skype for Business > Sign In and select via PC.
  2. Select Pairing Mode then select Manual.
    A pairing code displays. For example,gNCYoV19.
  3. On your computer, click the Polycom BToE Connector desktop icon to start the application.
  4. Right-click the application icon and click Pair with Phone.
  5. Enter the pairing code shown on the phone into the notification on your computer then click Pair.

    The application attempts to pair with the phone.

    If the pairing code was entered correctly, a dialog box indicating that the computer has successfully paired with the phone displays on your computer.

  6. If the phone is not registered, enter your login credentials into the dialog displayed on your computer.
    The message “BToE Activated” is displayed on your phone and the BToE icon image text is displayed on the status bar.
When your phone is paired with the Skype for Business client on your computer, the message “Paired” is displayed on your phone, and the BToE Mode icon is displayed in the system tray on your computer.