Access the Calls Screen

You can access the Calls screen when you have one held call or an active and held call in progress on your phone.

The Calls screen is automatically displayed when you have an active call and one or more held calls on your phone. The total number of calls is displayed on your line. If you have multiple lines on your phone, the calls display under the associated line, as shown next.

Figure 1. Calls screen on VVX 500 and 600 series phones

image text


  • During a call, do one of the following:
    • Press the Home key .
    • From the Lines screen, press the Calls soft key.
    • On VVX 201 phones, press the L > C soft key.
    • On VVX 500/501 and 600/601 phones, tap Return to Calls in the status bar.
    • On VVX 500/501 and 600/601 phones, swipe the screen from right to left.