Enter Information Using the Onscreen Keyboard

The onscreen keyboard available on supported VVX phones enables you to enter information into text fields using the touchscreen.

The onscreen keyboard displays automatically in the upper right portion of the screen when a text field is shown. When a text field requires only numbers, the onscreen keyboard displays only numbers.


  1. Tap .
  2. Tap and select Abc, ABC, abc, 123, or one of the special character options.
  3. Press your finger on each character you want to enter.
  4. When you finish, tap .

The following table describes how to enter information using the onscreen keyboard.

Table 1. Using the Onscreen Keyboard to Enter Information



Select an Encoding option (title case, uppercase, lowercase, numbers only, ASCII, Latin, Katakana, Unicode, Cyrillic)

Tap and select the Encoding options you want.

Enter text

Tap Abc and select the characters you want.

Enter uppercase characters

Tap ABC and select the characters you want.

Enter lowercase characters

Tap abc and select the characters you want.

Enter numbers

Tap 123 and select the numbers you want.

Enter special characters

Tap ASCII and select the characters you want.

Exit the onscreen keyboard, enter the information, and update the next field

Tap .

Delete one or more characters

Drag your finger across the characters to highlight them and then tap .

Replace characters

Highlight the characters you want to replace then enter the new characters.