Automatically Pair Your Phone with Your Computer using BToE

By default, your phone is set to automatically pair with your computer when you connect your phone to your computer over Ethernet and when the Pair mode on the phone and application is set to Auto. When your phone is paired with the Skype for Business client on your computer, a confirmation message displays on your phone and the BToE Mode icon is displayed in the system tray on your computer.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • On your phone's Home screen, select BToE.
    • On your phone, navigate to Settings > Features > BToE PC Pairing.
    • On your phone, select Sign In or navigate to Settings > Features > Skype for Business > Sign In and select via PC.
  2. Select Pairing Mode and select Auto.
  3. If you are switching to Auto after using Manual pairing, right-click the application icon on your computer, select Pair with Phone, select the Auto check box, and click Pair.
  4. Connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to the PC port on your phone.
    The message that the phone is paired displays on the phone, and if you are not signed in to Skype for Business on your phone, a dialog box is displayed on your computer asking for your Skype for Business login credentials.
  5. If the dialog box does not display on your computer, select Sign In on your phone and choose User Credentials or Paired Client.
  6. Enter your login credentials in the dialog box.
    A message that BToE is activated displays on your phone, the BToE icon image text is displayed on the status bar, and the Paired BToE icon is displayed in the system tray on your computer. Polycom VVX Phone is displayed in your list of audio devices in your Skype for Business client.
When the same user account is signed in to the phone and the Skype for Business client, your computer and phone are paired and BToE is activated. However, when the phone and Skype for Business client are signed in to with different user accounts (for example, when you connect your computer to a shared phone), the computer and phone are paired but BToE is not activated.