Features for Hearing-Impaired Users

Polycom phones include many features that enable users with hearing impairments to use various features on the phone.

The following table lists the accessibility features for hearing-impaired users.

Table 1. Accessibility Features for Hearing-Impaired Users

Accessibility Feature


Visual message indicators

An indicator light on the phone indicates that new messages are waiting. Icons on the screen also indicate that the phone has new messages.

Adjustable ring tone and volume

You can choose from a variety of ring tones for the phone. You can also change the volume of the ringer to suit your needs and choose different ring tones for contacts.

Adjustable Call Volume

While in a call, you can raise or lower the volume of the device.

Visual notifications

Status and icon indicators let you know when you have incoming, outgoing, active, or held calls. Indicators also alert you of the device’s status and when features are enabled.

Visual ringing

Certain VVX models have visual ringing that enables the screen to flash bright orange for incoming calls (contact your system administrator to enable this feature).

Electronic hookswitch

If you use a headset that supports electronic hookswitch (EHS), you can use the controls on your headset to answer and end calls. Additionally, you may be able to mute calls and control volume from your headset.

Headset Memory Mode

If you use a headset, you can set up your phone to use your headset for all calls.

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) handsets

All phones are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) and have telecoils that magnetically couple to most forms of wearable hearing aids per FCC section 508 (compliant to ADA Section 508 Recommendations: Subpart B 1194.23).

TTY support

The phones supports commercial TTY devices such as Ultratec Superprint. Additionally, the phones provide acoustic coupled TTY support.