Polycom Desktop Connector

If you encounter any issues using the Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC), see the following table for possible solutions to common problems.

Table 1. Common PDC Problems and Solutions


Corrective Action

The computer and phone cannot establish a connection.

Verify the Polycom Desktop Connector settings on your phone. You may need to reboot your phone or press the Reconnect soft key.

I can't enter information in a phone field using my computer keyboard.

Check to see if the phone field has a flashing cursor. You can use PDC only to enter information in a phone field if the field has a flashing cursor.

I can't place a call.

If you're using PDC, you can't place a call using the New Call soft key. To place a call, enter the phone number and select Dial.

I want to change the phone that is connected to the Polycom Desktop Connector.

Disable the Polycom Desktop Connector, which is already connected to your computer and is in active state on your phone.

Setup and enable the phone you want to connect to Polycom Desktop Connector. Once your computer receives an initial communication from the newly configured phone, it asks you to confirm the connection by displaying the message “You were controlling <MACaddress1> with your computer. Do you want to change to controlling <MACaddress2>?” Click OK.