Recording Issues and Solutions

If you encounter any issues recording calls, see the following table for possible solutions to common problems.

Table 1. Common Recording Issues and Solutions


Corrective Action

The message “USB device is full. Recording canceled” is displayed when I pressed Start.

Check that there is sufficient space on the USB flash drive.

The recording stopped during a call.

If the USB flash drive becomes full during recording, recording stops and the message “USB device is full. Recording stopped” is displayed.

Delete previous recordings to make space on the USB drive.

The message “USB device removed unsafely. Recording canceled” displayed when I removed my USB flash drive during a call.

Do not remove the USB flash drive while recording. If you want to remove the drive during a call, press Stop, and then remove the drive.

The message “Unsupported USB device attached” displayed.

Refer to Feature Profile 37477: Using Headsets with Polycom Phones on Polycom Support for a list of USB devices supported on Polycom phones.