Broadcasting Messages with Push to Talk

The Push to Talk (PTT) feature enables you to transmit messages and listen to replies much like a walkie-talkie.

Your system administrator sets up the feature, defines up to 25 channels for PTT mode, and assigns a label to each channel that easily identifies the channel, such as All, HR Dept, Shipping Staff, or Executives. By default, you are subscribed to Channels 1, 24, and 25. This means that you can send and receive PTT broadcasts on Channels 1, 24, and 25.

Each group or channel has one of the following priorities:
  • Normal—By default, broadcasts sent to channels 1 to 23 are considered Normal broadcasts. If two users begin a broadcast on the same group/channel at the same time, the phone with the lower serial number continues to transmit while the other phone enters the receiving state. By default, all phones are configured to receive broadcasts sent to channel 1.
  • Priority—By default, broadcasts sent to channel 24 are considered Priority broadcasts. A Priority broadcast interrupts Normal broadcasts or active calls. All phones receive Priority broadcasts unless Do Not Disturb is enabled. Phones play Priority broadcasts at the phone's current audio level.
  • Emergency—By default, broadcasts sent to channel 25 are considered Emergency broadcasts. An Emergency broadcast interrupts Normal broadcasts, Priority broadcasts, and active calls and plays out at near maximum volume even if Do Not Disturb is enabled.