Entering Information in Data Fields

You can enter information and edit fields using the dial pad keys on the phone console.

Before you enter information into fields, you can choose how to enter the information using the following soft keys:
  • Mode—Enables you to enter just numbers or text in title case, lowercase, or uppercase characters.
  • Encoding—Enables you to enter alphanumeric and special characters as well as characters in special languages.

The following table lists the Mode and Encoding options for the dial pad and the onscreen keyboard.

Table 1. Mode and Encoding Options

Mode Options

Encoding Options

Abc (to capitalize the first letter only and use lowercase for the remaining letters)


ABC (to enter uppercase only)


abc (to enter lowercase only)


123 (to enter numbers only)


ASCII (for regular text)

Latin (to enter accented characters)

Katakana (for Japanese characters)

Unicode (to store characters as double bytes)

Cyrillic (for Russian characters)