BroadSoft Executive-Assistant

The BroadSoft Executive-Assistant feature enables assistants to monitor and manage calls on an assigned executive's line and enables executives to filter calls to assigned assistants and set criteria for filtered calls.

When your system administrator assigns you as an executive or assistant, the Executive or Assistant menu icons and soft keys display on your phone.

Private and Shared Lines for Executives and Assistants

Executives and assistants can both have a private and shared line on their phone. Executives can have private and shared lines that are not managed by an assistant.

The following conditions apply to private or shared lines set as Executive or Assistant:
  • For shared lines, the status of any executive calls display on the shared line of the executive and assistant’s phone.
  • Assistants can use their private line to place a call or answer calls on behalf of an executive, but neither an assistant nor executive can view the status of calls on a private line.
  • For private lines, executives and assistants can pick up held calls on the executive's phone, but neither can choose which held call is picked up.