Assigning Contacts and Favorites to VVX EM50 Expansion Modules

You can assign contacts to line keys on your expansion module after the line keys on your phone are full.

The default view on your phone screen, which is the Lines screen, displays line registrations, monitored and presence contacts, and favorites. Each function occupies a display space on the Lines screen. When you reach the maximum number of display spaces on your phone, the next function you add is assigned to the first available line key on your expansion module.

The following table shows the maximum display spaces available on the VVX 450 phone and each connected expansion module.

Table 1. Maximum Display Spaces on Phone and connected Expansion Modules
VVX 450 Phone with Expansion Module 1 with Expansion Module 2
12 102 192
Note: After you fill all the display spaces on your phone and assign functions to all the lines on your expansion module, you can find additional favorites and contacts in the Contact Directory.