Icons and Status Indicators on VVX Business IP Phones

VVX business IP phones have various icons and status indicators that display the status of the phone whether you are in a call or the phone is idle and not in use.

Table 1. Icons and Status Indicators





Registered line

Icon image.

Phone warning

Unregistered line

Login credentials invalid

Outgoing call

Shared line

Active call using Polycom HD Voice

USB flash drive attached

Not supported on VVX 150

Held call

Call forwarding enabled

Incoming call

Presence status (Available)

Active conference

Presence status (Busy or In a Call)

Do Not Disturb enabled

Presence status (Away)


Presence status (Do Not Disturb)

Placed call

Presence status (Offline)

Received call

Presence status (Offline)

Missed call

New message

Wireless network