Use Your Phone as a Digital Picture Frame

On VVX 250, 350, and 450 phones, you can use the Picture Frame feature to view pictures stored on your USB flash drive at any time without setting up a screen saver.You can display your pictures as thumbnails, as a slide show, or a single picture.

Before you can display your pictures, confirm that your pictures are on the USB flash drive and that the USB flash drive is attached to your phone.

Note: If your phone does not detect the USB flash drive when you attach it to your phone, the USB port on your phone may be disabled. Contact your system administrator.


  • Select Settings > Features > Removable Storage Media > Picture Frame.
    Your pictures display one-by-one, like a slide show, and navigation icons display beneath your pictures, as shown next.
    Screenshot of the Digital Picture Frame screen that shows a photo and the shows the following icons, from left to right: gallery, left arrow, right arrow, pause, stop, and set as background.