Assign Skype for Business Contacts to Line Keys

When you are signed into Skype for Business on your VVX phone, you can assign Skype for Business contacts to a specific line on the phone or the VVX Expansion Module.

You can choose to assign contacts to a line key from your Contacts list, or from searching for a contact in the Skype for Business Directory.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Features > Line Key Customization.
  2. Select Phone Line Keys.
  3. Select a line key then select Assign.
  4. Choose one of the following to assign your contact to the line key:
    • Select Search and enter your search criteria to find a contact in the Skype Directory.
    • Select Contacts to choose a contact from the Contacts list.
  5. Select your contact and press Assign.
    The contact is assigned to the selected line key.