Signing into a VVX Phone as a Guest User

When your system administrator enables the Hot Desking feature for VVX business media phones in your environment, you can sign in to a phone as a guest user using your Skype for Business credentials or PIN.

The following features are available on VVX phones when you are signed in as a guest user:
  • Flexible Line Key (FLK)
  • Device Lock
  • Address Book Service search
  • Do Not Disturb Status
  • Call Forward
  • Basic Settings menu
  • Advanced Settings menu
  • Sign In/ Sign Out
  • Web Configuration Utility
  • Exchange Calendar
  • Exchange Contacts
  • Exchange Applications
  • Exchange Voicemail
  • Better Together over Ethernet

These features maintain the default settings while you are signed in as a guest user. When you sign out, any changes you made on the phone while signed in are removed and the host user settings are restored.