Disconnect and Remove Your Bluetooth Device

You can disconnect your Bluetooth device from your phone and still keep it paired. When you disconnect a Bluetooth device, it remains paired so that you can reconnect it to your VVX 600/601 phone.

You can also remove your Bluetooth device so that it is no longer paired or connected to the VVX phone. When you remove your device, it no longer displays in the Manage Devices screen. To reconnect to your Bluetooth device, you will need to scan for, add, and reconnect with the device from your VVX phone.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Bluetooth Settings.
  2. On the Manage Devices screen, select the connected Bluetooth device and select Disconnect.
    After you disconnect the device, the device icon changes and "Paired" displays next to the corresponding device on the Manage Devices screen and in the status bar of the VVX phone.
  3. Select your device and select Remove.
    Your device is removed from the list and is no longer paired or connected with your VVX phone.
    Tip: You can quickly disconnect your Bluetooth device by turning off the device or turning off Bluetooth. When you turn your device back on, it is automatically reconnected the the VVX phone.