Handle Conference Calls with Video

When you set up a conference, your phone displays video for only one conference participant at a time, even if more than one participant can send video.

The person whose video you see is the last person with video enabled who joined the conference. If you use the Join soft key to set up the conference, you see the video of the person who was held just prior to joining the conference.

Note: Viewing all video participants requires the use of a Polycom Video Conference Bridge. For more information, contact your Polycom reseller.

When your system administrator enables the conference management feature on your phone, you can select whose video to see.


  • During a conference call, select a contact and tap Select Video.
    The Select Video soft key does not display when you're exchanging video with the selected party or when the party does not have video capability.
    The person who previously displayed video is replaced with the person you selected.