Send a PTT Broadcast

You can choose a channel to broadcast on before you send a PTT broadcast, or you can hold the Talk soft key to immediately begin broadcasting on Channel 1, the default channel.

While you send a broadcast, you can pick up the handset, or press the Speakerphone image text or Headset image text key and continue speaking. You can also press the Mute key image text to mute your audio so the people receiving your broadcast do not hear anything. This behavior is similar to a phone call.

Tip: To automatically send a PTT broadcast on the default channel, press and hold Talk. After the transmitting beep, begin speaking.


  1. Select Talk.
  2. From the PTT Channels screen, select a channel.
    A list is displayed with the default channel, the most recent channel you sent a broadcast on, and other channels you can broadcast on.
  3. Press and hold Talk to start the broadcast.

    Be sure to hold Talk throughout the entire broadcast.

    A transmitting beep is played and the phone displays the channel information.

  4. Begin speaking.
  5. When you finish your broadcast, do one of the following:
    • Release Talk.

      When you release Talk while sending the broadcast, the broadcast temporarily stops and enters a 10-second waiting period. During this period, the channel remains open to give others a chance to reply. At any time during the waiting period, you can resume your broadcast by pressing and holding Talk. If no one broadcasts during the waiting period, the channel closes and the broadcast ends.

    • Select End PTT.

      After you select End PTT, you can immediately initiate another broadcast on another channel, even if the previous broadcast is in the waiting period.