Customize the Columns on the Lines Screen

When you add contacts or favorites to line keys on the Lines screen, the contacts display in columns. You can control how many columns of line keys display on the Lines screen on VVX 500/501 and 600/601 phones.

By default, the phone displays the maximum number of columns and line keys. The following are the maximum line keys and columns that display on each phone:

  • VVX 500/501: 3 columns with 12 line keys
  • VVX 600/601: 4 columns with 16 line keys


  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Idle Screen Settings.
  2. Select Columns, enter the number of columns you want to display.
    For VVX 500/501, enter a number between 1-3; For VVX 600/601, enter a number between 1-4.
  3. Select Save.